Room 122 Schedule

8:30 Morning Work (document camera) - Writing/Conference Writ.

9:00 Morning Meeting - Second Step Program

9:30 Reading Horizons Phonics Program (encode and decode)

9:45 Whole Group Reading

10:00 Small Groups and Reading Partners (similar level partners)

10:35 Specialists:

Monday: PE
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Art
Friday: Media

11:30 Read Aloud/Close Reading

11:45 Pick Up

11:55 - 12:40 RECESS & LUNCH

12:50 - Math Whole Group

1:00 - 10 min. Math Stations

1:35 - Science (Scientific Method) Notebook

2:20 ELL Level 2 students/Other students partner read (diff. Level lead student)

2:45 Clean/Pass Out Handouts and Homework Folders/Chairs Up

2:55 OUT THE DOOR / Bus, Walkers, Pick Up, After School

Dear Parents,
The best thing parents can do is support your child's homwork, make sure your child comes to school daily, and insist upon great behavior. Thank you! I know we will have a great year!

Mrs. J.-A.