The Principal's Corner

Dear Lyndale Families,

I am pleased to say that we are off to a wonderful school year at Lyndale Community School! The past couple of weeks have been a flurry of activities and action. Some items of note include:

Our teachers and staff are focused on meeting the social emotional and academic needs of all students through the analysis of assessment data, targeted classroom instruction and frequent monitoring of student progress towards identified learning goals.

Teachers are providing students with high quality instruction inside the classrooms using the Benchmark curriculum and building foundation skills through the use of Lexia Core5. Lexia Core5 is an adaptive technological application that extends learning for accomplished readers and accelerates the learning of developing readers. Feel free to talk with your classroom teacher(s) to learn more about Lexi Core5. Please keep an eye out for more information regarding this new literacy resource in subsequent newsletters and our school website.

Lyndale Community School continues to support the health and wellbeing of our students through standards based physical education classes, 30 minutes of recess each day as well as the Pleasant Pathway.

All students at Lyndale Community School have the opportunity to eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch every day at school for no cost. There is nothing families need to do in order for their students to participate; however, we are asking all families to complete the Application for Educational Benefits if you have not already done so. We have copies of the application in the main office, and links available via our school's website. Feel free to ask any staff member for assistance in completing this important task.

On November 6th, residents within Minneapolis will be asked to vote on two items related to funding for the Minneapolis Public Schools. We at Lyndale Community School feel it is important that our school community be provided with information related to the proposed referendum in an effort to make an informed decision. Please see page 5 of the September 2018 issue of the Eagle News to learn more. Additional information is available on the Minneapolis Public Schools website.

As always, your continued support of our school is recognized and appreciated. We thank you so much for the many ways in which you continue to make Lyndale a great place to be!

Mark Stauduhar, Principal