Mrs. Ficzeri
photo of Mrs. Ficzeri

I have been teaching at Lyndale since 1995. At that time, Lyndale was an intermediate school for grades 4,5 and 6. Before teaching at Lyndale, I taught in San Antonio, Tx, Garland, Tx, Corsicana, Tx and in the Mississippi Delta. I have served also on the Talent Development and Gifted Resources District Wide Steering Committee. I am married and I have two wonderful daughters. Susan is a kindergarten teacher in Brooklyn Center and Helen is working on a Human Resource Degree.

If you need to reach me, please use email I respond much faster with email then to a phone call.

This year I will be coteaching and working with classroom teachers so that your child receives differentiated instruction throughout the day.

Part of my job as Advanced Differentiation Specialist will be working with those identified student's teachers and making sure that the core curriculum is differentiated to meet the needs of all students, especially the advanced learners. It is the expectation that each year all second grade students will be assessed and identified. Those students who missed the assessment opportunity will be given another chance next fall. Approximately 70 per cent of my time will be collaboration with the teachers. Thirty percent will be spent in direct services with the students. I received my Talent Development & Advanced Learner Education Certificate in June of 2013.

To read more about the identification process, or to learn about talent development and gifted education services in Minneapolis Public Schools, visit