Mr. Hansen K-3 Math Specialist

My name is Mr. Hansen and I will be working on math with students in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. I live in South Minneapolis, grew up several blocks from Lyndale, and bike (including during the winter) to work and around the city.

I have taught at Lyndale since the Fall of 2013. I attended Minneapolis Public Schools growing up and am proud to be an alumnus who is now teaching the future MPS alumni. I received both my Undergraduate and Masters degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in Elementary Education. I hold a Minnesota Teaching License for K-6 Elementary Education.

I am very passionate and enthusiastic about math, math concepts, and math philosophy. Your student(s) will learn about math from a variety of approaches including inquiry based learning and traditional approaches. The ultimate goal is to find what works best for the individual student. My hope is that your student(s) will be able to surprise you with new and innovative ways of thinking about math. They will be able to solve 2+2=____ in multiple ways and also be able to describe how it’s possible that 1+1=4.

If you have specific questions for me, I can be reached at the following email:

For more information and help with math, check out Lyndale's math site, LYNDALE MATH WORLD!