Lyndale is the place to BE!
photo of Mr. Menz

Mr. Menz, Math Specialist

Lyndale is a home for me and I am so grateful to work at a place like this. My career at Lyndale began in 2009 when my family and I moved to Minneapolis from Portland, OR. I worked at a democratic charter school in the Northwest and learned the balance of student responsibility, creative energy and structure. My experience in Oregon and previous teaching Austin, TX fostered a passion of teaching that translated perfectly to Minneapolis Public Schools.

I could not be happier with my current position as Math Specialist at Lyndale. The students and community of Lyndale motivated me to obtain an ESL certification and masters degree, but I am currently using that knowledge in math. I have always loved math and I consider it my job to transfer that love of math, thinking and problem solving onto our students here at Lyndale. Math can be challenging. Math can be hard. Math can be confusing. But most of all math can be fun! Solving problems, learning new strategies, figuring out a difficult scenario, learning from our mistakes, and persevering are all part of the math culture at Lyndale. 

In addition to my duties as Math Specialist with 4th, 5th and 1st grades I also serve as GISE Coach for the Lego Robotics teams at Lyndale. This afterschool program is growing and helps us meet the needs of students passionate and talented in math, science and engineer.

Finally, most of the building knows me as the trash police. I prefer the organics instigator, but I help coordinate the organics program at Lyndale that has become one of the best in the city, if not the state. We organics recycle in the lunchroom, in the classroom and last year we had our first “Zero Trash Event” at our annual Muliticultural Night with the help of the Lyndale parents and students. Our staff and students care about our environment and we work to creat environmental stewards at Lyndale everyday of the year. 

I am so passionate about Lyndale and Minneapolis Public Schools and I hope you are too. Let’s have another terrific year!

If you have specific questions for me, I can be reached at the following email:

For more information and help with math, check out Lyndale's math site, LYNDALE MATH WORLD!