TC Kids Marathon 2016


In physical education class students start each period with a light warm up, stretch and aerobic activitiy.  Since the weather has been nice we have been going outside for jogging around the playground.  Many students choose to do extra laps for extra credit!  Let's put all that energy to good use and sign up for the Medtronic TC Kids Marathon!  

Events recommended for students and the fees are:

Half Mile--$10

Diana Pierce Family Mile--$10

Other Events and their fees:

TC 5K--$30

TC 10 K--$35

On Saturday, Oct 8th, students and families from all over will be at the State Capitol area participating in various runs to kick off the Oct. 9th Twin Cities Marathon.  Please join us by registering for one of the running events on Oct 8th.  Look more information coming in the school newsletter. 

On race day we encourage students to run with their classmates, but also understand a few may want extra support.  If you wish to run with our child, please be sure to register for each adult and child participating in the running events.

You may register online.  Go to

Choose Lyndale Community from the drop down menu to register.