In reading we will be working on several reading strategies that will help students build their comprehension skills. Also, the students will be working in small, like leveled reading groups. In these groups they will be getting a more one on one opportunity with the teacher where we will extend building these strategies. 

Also, we will be using Words Their Way for spelling. This focuses on the rules and patterns in words to help students better understand words. 



Students in 5th grade will be writing several different genres this year. They will be participating in the writing process by writing opinion pieces, informative/explanatory texts, narratives and other creative texts.



We will be going through 5 different kits throughout the school year. 

Motion, Force, and Models: This kit works with variables and how forces impact each other. 

Landforms: We explore stream tables that represent erosion and deposition. We also will look and create different types of maps. 

Environments: In the environments kit we build our own terrariums and discuss different types of environments. 

Simple Machines: In the simple machines kit we will work with levers, pulleys, wheels and axles, and inclined planes. Students will be engineers and figuring out what system will take the least amount of work. 

Oil Spills: This kit connects with the environments kit. We look at consumers, producers, and decomposers and their impact on the environment. We also act as environmental engineers where we recreate oil spills and find the best way to clean the oil spill.


Social Studies:

We will use the History Alive! curriculum where students will learn about geography, early American history, and the impacts on today. 


PDF Year at a Glance (PDF)   --  In this section, it shows what students will be learning throughout 5th grade. Some learning targets and units may take longer then expected.