Welcome to 5th Grade!

Welcome to a brand new school year at Lyndale School. Please take a moment to look at the subject areas that your child will be working on this year.


The math curriculum is organized into nine units, which are designed for use in the sequence. The pacing will vary according to school calendars and may also vary depending on the needs of students, and the school's years of experience with this curriculum. Each unit is divided into Investigations. An Investigation focuses on a set of related mathematical ideas, coordinating students' work in hands-on activities, written activities, and class discussions over a period of several days.


Reading: In the 5th grade, we read to learn and use many strategies and skills to decode and understand what is read.

Social Studies/Core Knowledge

In social studies, we study history, geography, civics, and economics to better understand the world in which we live.


In science, we learn to observe, compare, sequence, describe and communicate to investigate the world.


In the health subject area, we develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to make good choices for our own personal health.