Homework is to read for 20 or more minutes and fill in reading log with parent signature each night, Mondays-Thursdays. Homework folders are due on Fridays. I will be checking over all returned homework every Friday. If students would like to read and write summaries on additional nights, that's great!

Story Summary
Story Summary form
Students should write the title, author, setting, characters, important events, and ending of the story. They should also write the number of pages, and have the paper signed by a parent. This is the template for what students should write in their homework journals each night.

Reading Log
Reading Log form
Each day record the title, pages read, how long you read, and parent signature in the reading log. Mr. Julien will record this information on the 100 Book Club chart in class.

Lyndale Readers Club
Here at Lyndale, students have the chance to participate in the Lyndale Readers Club. All second grade students in Minneapolis Public Schools are expected to read 20 minutes or more at home each night. Students should record this information in the reading log. Students who read 100 or more books throughout the school year will be recognized for their reading achievements when they have reached the goal, including the Lyndale Readers Club picnic in May. Here are some rules for the Lyndale Readers Club:

  • Stories should be at the student’s reading level.
  • Students should read stories by themselves or with someone at home.
  • All 100 books should be different titles (not the same short story listed twice).
  • Lengthy chapter books: 50 pages equals one “book.”
  • Fill in and return completed reading logs.

On most days math homework will not be sent home. On occasion there may be math homework if something we have been working on in class needs to be finished, but for now all homework will consist of reading and writing.