Homework in math is sent home once a week.  A Lyndale folder is sent home every day including documents for families, homework, and completed class work.  Check your child's folder every day.  Your child will bring home their planner on the last day of each week detailing their week at Lyndale School.  Parents are to sign the planner and make any comments for the teacher and return on the next school day. Homework is an extension of skills modeled and taught in the classroom.  

In addition your child should be reading every day for 30 minutes at there independent reading level.  Your 4th grader can determine if the book is "Just Right" for them by using the 5 finger test!  4th Grade students must read 4,000 pages to be in the Reading Club.  For attaining their goal of 4,000 pages students receive a certificate, recognition at school assemblies and a Reading Club Picnic at the end of the school year.

Unit 1 Math

Unit 1 Math Learning Targets