Minneapolis Institute of Arts - Visual Thinking Strategies


The Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) program has two main applications.  In museums, it is a way of helping beginner and less experienced viewers grow in both confidence and the ability to derive meaning from art.  It is based upon careful looking and facilitated group discussions in the galleries.  In school classes VTS is a sequenced curriculum of art images, usually seen as slides, but also including at least one museum trip.  Again the process employs careful looking and facilitated dicsussion.


Lyndale School has partnered up with the Minneapolis Insititute of Arts to train all our teachers in Visual Thinking Strategies.  The teachers use works of art to help build up the vocabulary of our students.  The students go to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to use VTS with original works of art related to the  content they are studying. 

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is also working on organizing a list of art work that goes along with our Core Knowledge series.