Parent Expectations


Thank you for all that you do to help your kindergartner be successful. Here are some helpful ideas that will make your child's kindergarten year exceptional.

Bus Tags: The first day of school your child will receive a bus tag on his/her backpack. It is imperative to your child's safety that the tag remains in place throughout the year.

Backpack: Students must bring a backpack to school, daily. The pack is our best source of communication between home and school. Please check your child's backpack every day for news and communication. Please use papers in the backpack as a conversation starter to find out more about your child's day. Some papers will need to be returned with a parent signature or parent response.

Daily Reading: One of the best tools you have to help your kindergartner succeed is books. Spend time reading in front of your child, reading to your child and having conversations about books.

Reasonable Bedtime: A good night's sleep is important to your child's academic success. Please choose a bedtime that will allow 10-11 hours of sleep for your five or six year old.