The Principal's Corner

Dear Lyndale Eagle Families,

We may be starting week 5, however, it feels as though we have been back in school for quite some time. That said, Charise and I are pleased to say that we are off to a wonderful start!

At any time of the day, there are thousands of different things happening inside our school and it is important that we remain focused on our goals and priorities so as to not get lost in the hustle and bustle that is daily life at Lyndale Community School.

It is important that we take a moment to reflect upon the fact that we, as a public school, exist to ensure all students learn. In turn, our priorities are as such:

  • Ensure student safety
  • Ensure student learning
  • Provide great customer service

Student Safety

This month's edition of Eagle News will detail the manner in which we go about ensuring student safety, which is our number one priority at Lyndale Community School.

This encompasses both the physical and social emotional safety of our students as individuals and collectively as a whole. Whether it be in the classroom, common areas inside our building or the playground, nothing productive can happen if an individual does not feel safe.

Our Site Emergency Team has developed an emergency plan and scheduled a variety of drills that will take place throughout the year to make sure everyone inside of our building is aware of what to do in the event of an emergency situation. Please know that these drills are designed to teach and measures have been taken to help students better understand their necessity and purpose. We are here to help in the event you have any questions or concerns.

To promote the positive Social Emotional development of ALL students at Lyndale, we have employed a number of different strategies throughout our building designed to proactively teach expectations for behavior and learning. Furthermore, our students and staff are digging deeper into the Anti-Bias Educational Theory contained within our supplemental literacy materials from AMAZE works.

Thank you so much fo trusting us with your children!

Mark Stauduhar