The Principal's Corner

Dear Lyndale Families,

The third quarter is now complete. The nature of our work as educators requires we ask our students now, and every other day for that matter, to explain what it is they are learning when they are here at Lyndale.

“What did you learn in school today?” is a question asked by parents around the world time and time again. All too often, this seemingly rational inquiry is met with underwhelming responses from their children who normally present as enthusiastic, intelligent and capable learners. Seeing the same results day after day, even the most loyal and ardent school supporter can begin to question what is happening inside their schools when nobody is watching.

What if we have been asking the wrong question all along? Whether or not they can, or are able to tell us, every student learns something each day. It may not be academic in nature, it may not even be something we want them to learn (i.e. profane words), but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn't learn a single thing after spending upwards of seven hours inside a shared space with their peers. I would go as far as to say that it is impossible.

Understanding that the propensity to learn is deeply ingrained within human nature, we as educators must be intentional and deliberate in what we teach and how we measure whether or not our students learned it. This year at Lyndale, our grade level teachers have prioritized the delivery of high quality, standards based literacy instruction. They have integrated ongoing formative assessments (i.e. questions designed to measure student understanding) to make sure all of our students are making growth towards identified learning targets.

At Lyndale we are committed to a culture of ongoing learning for everyone inside our school’s’ community on a daily basis. We thank you for coming along with us!

Mark Stauduhar, Principal