Speech/Language Department

Lyndale School provides speech and language services through the special education program to eligible students in Hi-5 through Grade 5. Service areas include Articulation, Language, Fluency and Voice Disorders. To learn more about each of these speech and language areas, click on the links below.

If you have concerns about your child's speech/language development, talk to your child's classroom teacher or contact Lyndale's speech/language clinician at 612-668-4000.


Articulation refers to the way sounds are produced.


Language is the process of communication that allows the processing and understanding of verbal and written information as well as the ability to formulate and express one's needs, feelings, ideas and information in order to interact with others.


A fluency or stuttering disorder is considered to be a significant interruption in the flow of speech.


 A voice disorder exists when the voice is significantly different from the voices of others of similar age, gender and cultural group.