Congratulations, Lyndale students
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 1:15 PM

Lyndale Reading Eagle

Congratulations, Lyndale students, for earning 6,052 feathers during the Read-a-thon! You crushed the school-wide reading goal of 5,000 feathers! As promised, your principals will perform a silly stunt at the Read-a-thon school assemblies on Friday, February 14. Your votes have been counted and that silly stunt will be...Get Slimed! Top readers and Top Classrooms will also be announced at the assemblies on Friday.

Thank you so much to our generous Lyndale community for donating over $17,000 in support of Lyndale Readers during the Read-a-thon! Didn't get a chance to donate? Donations made online at through Friday, February 14, will count towards Read-a-thon. Thank you!