English Learners (EL)

The English Learner (EL) program at Lyndale Elementary assists students whose home language is different from English. EL students are supported in their language development through rigorous science, social studies and mathematics instruction, oral language practice and vocabulary development. Students receive EL instruction both within their mainstream classrooms and outside the classroom where they are given small group or individual instruction based on student needs.

Four bilingual educational assistants (two Somali and two Spanish speaking assistants) provide additional support to English Learners by using the students’ first language to facilitate learning in English and to provide interpreting and translating services for our Somali and Spanish speaking families.

Our tasks are to:

  • Provide students with quality English language services to help them acquire and build language skills.
  • Help students achieve success both in their ability to use the English language and in their academic coursework.
  • Connect ELL students and families with the entire school community.