Classroom Expectations

In our classroom, we use an App called “Class Dojo” to help motivate and engage students during the school day. It is also a wonderful way to better communicate with you and to allow you to see and track your child’s progress. The third grade team at Lyndale has chosen to use this program as a part of our behavior plan.

Our Classroom Rules

1.   Listen To and Follow Directions

2.   Be Respectful and Responsible

3.   Be Kind

4.   Be Calm and Safe

5.   Never give up


When students choose to follow these expectations, they are rewarded in the following ways:

Daily rewards:

·      Nonverbal praise (thumbs up, wink, high-5)

·      Verbal praise (“Way to go!”, “Thank you for listening to directions!”)

·      Points added on Class Dojo

Weekly rewards:

·      Friday Fun (class-wide) or Button Day (school-wide)

o   Button Day is every other Friday; on the Fridays we do not have Button Day, our class will have Friday Fun

o   Students must have at least 80% on Class Dojo


1st time – Verbal warning

2nd time – Take a Break (in the classroom) and lose a Dojo point

3rd time – Take a Buddy Break (in another classroom) and lose a Dojo point

4th time – Phone call home and lose a Dojo point

5th time – Behavior referral and lose a Dojo point

* Certain behaviors may require immediate phone call home and/or behavior referral (i.e. fighting)

* Class Dojo points start new each week


Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the expectations in your child's classroom.