Food in the Classroom

With the number of students with life-threatening food allergies increasing, concerns about childhood obesity and financial concerns for families, the district has started a new policy about food in classrooms.

  1. Teachers may choose to use food as part of the curriculum after notifying the principal and school nurse.
  2. Food will not be used as a reward or as an incentive in the classroom.
  3. Food will not be used for personal celebrations such as birthdays or holidays by teachers, families or students.
  4. Because celebrating a birthday is fun and exciting to students, some nonfood ideas for celebrating are (but not limited to):
    • The child's parent coming to read a favorite book to the class.
    • The child reading a favorite book or telling a favorite story to the class.
    • The child wearing a special birthday crown or hat.
    • The child sharing a favorite show and tell item.
    • Think creatively and find a special way to celebrate your child's birthday.