Your child’s birthday will be recognized with a birthday crown, a song and a small gift. Birthdays will be celebrated on their special day or the day immediately before or after if on a weekend or during a non-school day. Due to the District’s Policy about food and snacks, please do not send or bring in any food items for a treat. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Change of Clothes:

Kindergarteners sometimes have accidents and it would be very helpful if they

had an extra change of clothing (including undergarments) in their backpack each day. The Health Assistant and Nurse would greatly appreciate this as well since they do not always have the right size clothing for each student.

Tennis Shoes:

Please make sure your child has tennis shoes in school everyday (if they wear their tennis shoes they don’t need another pair) for Physical Education Class and Recess. Our class has PhyEd on Thursdays and recess everyday.

Backpacks (no wheels please):


send your child with a backpack everyday! If you cannot get one let me know and I can help get your child one.

School Supply Needs: (Updated periodically)

None at this time

Winter Weather Wear:

As the weather gets colder please make sure your child has the necessary clothing for outdoor recess.

  • winter coat
  • mittens or gloves
  • hat
  • boots (make sure there is a pair of tennis shoes in their backpack)
  • snow pants