Helen Strother, Social Worker
photo of Ms. Strother

Hello! My name is Helen Strother and I am one of the social workers assigned to Lyndale School. I have worked at Lyndale since 2011 and have been a school social worker for 20 years in the Minneapolis district. I grew up in this area, I live in this area and I am glad to be working in this area. I and my own children are products of the Minneapolis Public Schools. I believe that our schools can be an excellent choice for all children.

In my role as Lyndale School Social Worker, I hope to help families and staff connect with community and educational resources so that the children can be the best students they can be. Through collaboration and teaming with the Lyndale administrators, teachers and parents, I want to help encourage a positive school climate. Our goal is that Lyndale School not only provides academic excellence but also develops children who are caring, culturally aware and socially competent as members of our greater community.