MPS Safe Routes to School

Across the nation, communities are employing strategies to increase physical activity to improve kids' fitness and reduce the obesity epidemic. One such effort is Safe Routes to School, which encourages more children to bike or walk to school. Minneapolis Public Schools has implemented Safe Routes programming in 10 schools with a grant from the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support through the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP). Wilder Research was contracted to evaluate Safe Routes programming. In the first year of the evaluation, Wilder Research assessed the progress of Safe Routes at three Minneapolis schools including Lyndale Community School. As part of the evaluation of Lyndale's Safe Routes programming, Wilder Research conducted key informant interviews and a parent focus group. The Wilder Research evaluation is a six page report highlighting the accomplishments, challenges and impact on students, the school, and the community.

MPS Safe Routes to School encourages students and families to actively commute to school for better attendance, higher achievement, improved concentration during the school day, and more!

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