Ms. Latterell, 5th Grade
Ms. Latterell

Lyndale has been my home since 1998. I did leave for a bit to broaden and advance my teaching skills taking on middle school special education, mentoring in the Teacher Advancement Program, and teaching in the PYP IB Program at Whittier International. My history of teaching includes regular education and special education up through middle school. My greatest learning experience has been inquiry based teaching and I hold it dear to my heart. There is nothing more special to me than when a student has researched their query, developed new learning and begins teaching it to others because they are so excited about what they discovered. Whenever possible, I encourage students to be leaders in their education and seek out answers to all the questions that drive a passion within them and gets them thinking beyond the basics. When I returned to Lyndale in 2012, I was privileged to teach 2nd grade for 4 wondrous years and now I'm currently teaching 5th grade. This is a fun change for me as I get students in my class that I previously taught 2nd grade to!

My interests outside of teaching include gardening/farming, anything to do with family, and a lot of creating or making by recycling items into projects.

My door is always open when I am not teaching, in a meeting, or training. I believe in good old face to face conversation; however, if this is not possible then the best way to get a hold of me is through email

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