The Design Sketch
Mural Painting in Art Class!

Mural painting began last week (April 4-8) in Ms. Walker’s art classes. Greta, Claudia, and Jacqui (aka the mural team) were at Lyndale School all week to work with students in every grade level and every art class. Ms. Walker, the mural team, and a number of parent volunteers guided Lyndale students in painting 5×5 panels of the actual mural – it was an amazing week!

La Posada - Design Event (January 2016)

Greta and the mural team had so much fun designing with families and community members at the Lyndale Neighborhood Association's La Posada event, a traditional Mexican Christmas celebration, held on December 5, 2015, at Lyndale Community School!

Mural art in art class (December 2015)

Mural atist Greta McLain worked with Lyndale students in each art class during the week of Nov 1  - Dec 4. Kids answered these questions: What do you like about Lyndale? What special talents do you bring to Lyndale? What animal reprents you? And then they were asked to draw that animal and use their own pattern ideas or multi-cultural patterns provided by Greta to fill in the animal. The art and ideas generated by the students will be used in the creation of the mural design.

Kick-off design event at Nicollet Open Streets (November 2015)

The Lyndale Mural Project launched with a very visible booth at Nicollet Open Streets on September 25, 2015. Children and adults wrote, drew and painted banners in response to the questions: What do you like about your neighborhood? What would make your neighborhood more awesom?