Modified Daily Schedule

Dear Parents, 

Here is a copy of our daily schedule with modifications that may make more sense while you are at home.  The amount of time needed for certain subjects should only be about 15-20 minutes, longer if your child needs more time to complete a task or wants to write or draw more☺.   As always let me know if you have any questions or concerns!!

Thanks, Dara


Room 105’s Schedule – Ms. Anderson


15 min. Morning Work


15 min. Morning Meeting 

  • calendar and daily math practice
  • I have attached what that looks like in the classroom (modify as needed)


20 min. Reading/Writing 

  • Read a story and talk about it
  • Students can draw and write about the story (their favorite part, a new ending, add to the story, share how the problem was solved or how they would have solved it differently or if they have an example from their life)
  • They should write independently and then read their sentence to you.  I know it is hard but try not to add your own thoughts.  If is makes sense when they read it just check for a capital letter at the beginning and a period at the end. And if they don’t just remind them.


15-20 min. Math Enrichment

  • Counting to 100 or higher
  • Skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Counting backwards from 10,20,30 wherever your child is at
  • Number identification to 31 or higher
  • Tell what number is one more or one less than a number


15 min. Math Content

  • 3D shapes choose one worksheet each day
  • Watch 3D shapes videos on youtube for reinforcement, just put 3D shapes in the search the kids know what some of them look like


30 min Recess


30 min Lunch


15-20 min Science/Social Studies

  • This is flexible as we were working on our BeeBots.  Moving forward I will have more information…


20 min. Literacy Centers/Reader’s Workshop

  • Read a book at their reading level
  • Work on CVC words and/or beginning, middle and ending sounds
  • Writing words, making words


15-20 min. Read Aloud/Snack


30 min. Centers/SEL

  • Center play time


55 min. Specialist Time

Monday – Media

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – PhyEd 

Thursday – Art

Friday – Media

**Use your imagination for now


15 min. Clean-up/Dismissal


Calendar Routine for Room 105 - Kindergarten


Calendar…student led:

What month is it?

What letter does it start with?

What sound does ___ make?

Let’s spell (the month).

What year is it?

What are the digits in 2020?


Using the days of the week:

Yesterday was _______

Today is ____________

Tomorrow will be ____________

What letter does (today’s day) begin with?

What sound does it make?

Let’s spell (the day).

Now where do we see (the day) on the calendar?

-tell me when to stop in a level 1 whisper voice 


Days of the week song:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday then we start again with Sunday….go until you come to today’s day.


Now let’s count to find out what number day is today.


Say the date together:   

“Today is (day) (month) (number) (year)


Math Board…Teacher led:  


*using the 100 pocket chart count and turn over the number showing how many days we have been in School

*count by 10s and add a sticker to the ten frame

*count by 5’s the days we have been in school and add a tally mark

*add a straw to the ones and change the number of the day

- ask how many ones in ____(today’s number)

- ask how many tens in _____(today’s number)

- ask how many hundreds in _____(today’s number)

* read the sight words in the pocket chart together 


**Then it is time for music and movement before you start reading.