Take a Tour of Lyndale!
Thursday, November 7, 2019 4:00 PM

Want to know more about Lyndale? Join us for a tour — children are welcome! Please call 612.668.4000 to reserve your spot as we like to keep our tour groups small. Let the scheduler know the age/grades of perspective students so we can tailor the tour to best meet your needs.

2019-2020 Tour Schedule

November 8 Friday 9:30am
November 11 Monday 9:30am
November 13 Wednesday   9:30am
November 15 Friday 9:30am
November 18   Monday 1:00pm
November 22 Friday 9:30am
November 25 Monday 9:30am
December 2 Monday 1:00pm
December 4 Wednesday 9:30am
December 9 Monday 9:30am
December 11 Wednesday 9:30am
December 13 Friday 9:30am
December 17 Tuesday 9:30am
December 18 Wednesday 9:30am
January 8 Wednesday 9:30am
January 10 Friday 1:00pm
January 13 Monday 9:30am
January 15 Wednesday 9:30am
January 22 Wednesday 9:30am
January 24 Friday 9:30am
January 28 Tuesday 1:00pm
January 29 Wednesday 9:30am