Take a Tour of Lyndale!
Monday, January 27, 2020 7:00 AM

Want to know more about Lyndale? Join us for a tour — children are welcome! Please call 612.668.4000 to reserve your spot as we like to keep our tour groups small. Let the scheduler know the age/grades of perspective students so we can tailor the tour to best meet your needs.

School choice requests are due February 7, 2020. Click over to the MPS School Request Center for more information or to make your request. 

2019-2020 Tour Schedule

November 8 Friday 9:30am
November 11 Monday 9:30am
November 13 Wednesday   9:30am
November 15 Friday 9:30am
November 18   Monday 1:00pm
November 22 Friday 9:30am
November 25 Monday 9:30am
December 2 Monday 1:00pm
December 4 Wednesday 9:30am
December 9 Monday 9:30am
December 11 Wednesday 9:30am
December 13 Friday 9:30am
December 17 Tuesday 9:30am
December 18 Wednesday 9:30am
January 8 Wednesday 9:30am
January 10 Friday 1:00pm
January 13 Monday 9:30am
January 15 Wednesday 9:30am
January 22 Wednesday 9:30am
January 24 Friday 9:30am
January 29 Wednesday 9:30am
February 3 Monday 9:30am
February 5 Wednesday 9:30am
February 12 Wednesday 9:30am
February 25 Tuesday 1:00pm
March 11 Wednesday 9:30am
March 20 Friday 1:00pm
April 10 Friday 9:30am
April 22 Friday 9:30am
May 11 Monday 9:30am
May 29 Friday 1:00pm