Talent Development and Advanced Academics

Minneapolis Public Schools Vision: All students recognize and develop their talents as a result of enrichment and appropriately challenging learning opportunities.

The MPS K-12 talent development model is structured to nurture academic talent in all children through a continuum of services and provides differentiated learning experiences to challenge and engage all students, including advanced learners.

Enrichment for All Students
Enrichment of the core curriculum and exposure to possible areas of interest are provided for all students throughout the school day (Level I Services) at Lyndale, and include enrichment opportunities such as field trips, guest speakers and residencies, partnerships with local arts organizations, grade level showcases, Arabic language instruction, and more. 
School-based enrichment opportunities are offered before, during and after school for any students showing an interest, propensity or achievement in a particular area (Level II Services). Examples at Lyndale include band, orchestra, spelling bee, school patrol, Girls on the Run, GEMS/GISE Lego Robotics, and more.
Ask your child's teacher about this year's field trips and activities.
Identification of Advanced Learners
MPS currently screens and identifies students yearly in grades K-4. All 2nd grade students enrolled in any MPS school are universally screened. A teacher or parent may refer kindergarten, 1st, 3rd and 4th grade students who have not been previously identified.
Advanced Learner Services
To meet the needs of Advanced Learners, Lyndale provides academic support throughout the school day (Level III Services). Lyndale’s Differentiation Specialist works with teachers on three components of service for Advanced Learners: grouping for core instruction, advanced differentiation of core curriculum and instruction (to provide greater depth, complexity, novelty and acceleration), and teacher training to meet unique learning needs. All Lyndale classroom teachers wil be trained in differentiating instruction for advanced learners by the end of the 2020 school year.