The Pleasant Pathway

To increase student health, raise academic achievement, build community, and foster environmental consciousness, all Lyndale students who ride the regular education buses begin their Friday mornings with a ½ mile walk to school (weather permitting). We call this weekly walk to school the Pleasant Pathway.

Every Friday, all regular education buses drop students at 38th and Pleasant where they are met by Lyndale staff. Children continue down Pleasant Avenue accompanied by staff and supported by parent volunteers and the school patrol. The Pleasant Pathway begins in the fall, takes a break during the cold months, resumes in the spring, and then continues to the end of the school year in June.

Parents and children who do not take the school bus are welcome and encouraged to walk with us each week. Meet us on 38th Street between Pleasant and Pillsbury at 8:20 a.m. If you drive, please park away from 38th Street and Pleasant Avenue, so you do not block the school buses.

The students love walking to school every Friday with friends, classmates, staff and volunteers. Together we walk more than 200 miles every week!

Parents: Interested in volunteering to help with this activity? Contact Assistant Principal Powell at or 612-668-4000