What a great Read-a-thon!
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 5:00 PM

Lyndale Reading Eagle

Lyndale Readers, we are so proud of you! Congratulations on a great Read-a-thon!

Lyndale students read a whopping 105,869 minutes during Read-a-thon and earned 5,397 feathers, surpassing the school-wide goal of 5000 feathers. The result? Students got the chance to see Mr. Stauduhar and Ms. Hunter perform silly stunts at Read-a-thon assemblies on February 13. See photos and video of the silly stunts

Lyndale families and friends supported all that reading with more than $13,000 in donations for arts programming during the Read-a-thon. THANK YOU donors for your very generous support of Lyndale students and Lyndale School.

Way to go top readers, top classrooms, and the 55 students who joined the Lyndale Readers Club!

TOP READERS - 1 person per grade
High-5 = Gus and Greg Z. (tied - 520 minutes)
K = Wyatt K. (740 minutes)
1st - Teagan M. (1680 minutes)
2nd - Oliver N. (1773 minutes)
3rd - Graham S.(2490 minutes)
4th - Sam A. (1911 minutes)
5th - Finn M. (2620 minutes)

TOP CLASSROOMS (winners of celebration parties):
High-5 = PM class - average 102 minutes
K = Ms. Anderson - average 152 minutes
1st - Ms. Patterson - average 225 minutes
2nd - Ms. Casey - average 378 minutes
3rd - Ms. Covington - average 330 minutes
4th - Mr. Gau - average 298 minutes
5th - Ms. McKeegan - average 318 minutes

More information and photos available on the Lyndale Read-a-thon page, on the Lyndale PTO Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LyndaleCommunitySchool/, and on Twitter @LyndaleEagles.